GREAT JOB EVERYONE! I Loved, loved, loved this concert! I normally attend the ballet as a Christmas tradition but I'm so happy I went to this concert with friends instead. So fun and sophisticated. All the women sang beautifully (beyond beautifully!) and Dr. Chris Alford did an exceptional job conducting. It was a wonderful time from beginning to end!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the concert last night. You ladies are awesome singers and Chris is so good in giving background information about each song. I appreciate how hard you all work to put on such a wonderful show. Kudos, kudos, kudos to all!

Wow! I believe I heard the angels sing through you all last Friday night. It was gorgeous. Looking forward to the next one.

I just had to tell you again how much I enjoyed the Chanteuses' concert last Sunday. The singing was divine, and the instrumental accompaniment superb. I also appreciate Dr. Chris' rapport with the audience when giving background on the music selections.

Thank you for a great performance!

Wow! That was an amazing experience. All your hard work certainly paid off with this concert. Hope you will be producing a CD with all that great music on it.

In the past, I’ve commented on the exceptional quality of the sound of Chanteuses’ first sopranos. Tonight it was the rich sound of the second altos that came through frequently and was so appealing. For the whole chorus, there were moments of power and other moments of tenderness, sometimes in the form of a beautiful, prolonged, soft chord at the end of a piece. I have heard Chanteuses sing well, but this was different – soulful, even inspired.

Having heard a number of Chanteuses concerts over a couple of years, it seems to me that each concert has been better than the last, and much of the credit for that improvement should go to Music Director Dr. Chris Alford, whose talents were apparent tonight, not only in his passionate conducting but in the programming of this concert.

I really enjoyed the concert today. Holst and Brahms really understood how to write for women's voices! The acoustics in the church were terrific. I've never heard the group sound so good. Kudos to you all!

The group did their usual good job! My friend and I (and others around us) thoroughly enjoyed the program. I am enjoying the CD, too. Looking forward to the next program!

I was DELIGHTED by Dr. Alford's ability to bring the audience in with his wonderful explanations of the songs, enthusiasm for music and conducting and the humor!!! I instantly became an ardent supporter of your group after I attended your May 11 concert at the Parkside Community church. Your concert presented a wide variety of musical styles and again, Dr. Alford was in rare form and made the concert feel like we were all part of the Chanteuses family with the information about the songs and the gentle and kind humor. I will put upcoming concerts on my calendar...spread the word...and look forward to hearing more of your music!!

Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing so much beauty and joy to the world with your beautiful hearts and music!!

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is the perfect spot for singers because they can hear themselves, allowing them to really lock in harmonies. And I heard a lot of locked‐in harmonies on Saturday night....

As these women sang, I noticed the accurate and pleasing tones they produced. Throughout the concert, their voices filled the space with satisfying harmony, good articulation, and generally expressive singing....